Walk The Plank

UPDATE: Walk The Plank is on indefinite hiatus. If you are a San Francisco area producer and would like to take it over, please contact me.

Dr Brian King is the producer of the annual Walk The Plank comedy competition!

From its humble beginnings at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, the Bay Area’s cutthroat comedy competition now reaches both sides of the bay.

The contests have been a lot of fun, and even helped some finalists advance their comedy careers.

“Great for resume and for host intros! There aren't that many legitimate titles to garner in the Bay Area. This one is a winner.” – Dave Karraker (2009 finalist)

"Making the Walk the Plank Finals gave me the confidence to go swimming without a t-shirt." – Marty Grimes (2010 finalist)

"I got booked to close out shows at the next year's contest.” – Samson Koletkar (2009 finalist)

“Mark [Zhang] and I usually use it as a credit. Being a finalist in a reputable competition like yours definitely boosted my ego.” – Bradley Lum (2009 finalist)
“Winning the first Walk the Plank competition absolutely put me on the map in the San Francisco Comedy Scene! Not only did the competition award me with money (immediately went to support Marc Jacobs), amazing head shots (one was recently featured in SF Weekly), a high quality recording (on a CD that I sold, yes sold, to my closest friends and family), and an awesome pewter trophy that sits happily on my book shelf, but winning the competition made people start to notice my comedy. I went from being viewed as a new comedian in San Francisco, exhausted from constantly re-introducing myself and begging for stage time – to getting offered more shows than I could handle. The connections that I made with other comics and the after-party alone made it worth it. Winning a comedy competition in San Francisco gave me a fantastic blurb to include in my intro/resume and meant that I pretty much get paid for all of my shows now (I still do shows for free of course…it didn’t turn me into THAT much of a diva)!” – Rachel McDowell (2009 winner)

“I was in the Walk the Plank competition in 2010. I didn't make it past the first round but I had a blast. Just being a part of the contest was great and Brian threw us all a party the night of the finals after the show. I was excited to compete the following year (2011). Somehow I made it all the way to the finals. I had a blast every step of the way. It is a well-run, organized, and fun contest to be a part of. I am excited to compete this year.” Iris Weiss (2011 finalist)

The Walk The Plank Comedy Competition has had some great participants in its short run. Previous year winners include:

2013 Finalists:
Cody Blaine
Emily Van Dyke (1st)
Justin Lucas
Kazumi Kusano (3rd)
Matt Curry
Nathan Habib
Nathan James
Shane Rogers (2nd)

The 2013 winners and Kitten.

2012 (Hiatus)

2011 Finalists:
Imran G (1st)
Iris Weiss
Jay Diamond Deep
Johan Miranda (2nd)
Matt Gubser
OJ Patterson
Ryan Horsfall
Sam Meeker
Shanti Charan (3rd)
Tom Devenport

2010 Finalists:
Cameron Vannini
Dave DeLuca
Jules Posner (3rd)
Kevin Munroe (1st)
Marty Grimes
Sam Davidoff (2nd)
Sheila Bryson
Tim Dufrisne (1st)

2009 Finalists:
Bill Coladonato
Bradley Lum
Cory Robinson (3rd)
Dave Karraker
Mark Zhang
Rachel McDowell (1st)
Red Scott (2nd)
Samson Koletkar