Monday, March 2, 2015

GULF COAST TOUR of "Humor, Laughter and Health"

I'm really excited about this one, not only is it a fun topic but I get to tour across some of my favorite places as we semi-circle the Gulf of Mexico from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas to the Florida panhandle!

If you are in the area or know people in the area and think they might want to come see me, here's where I'll be:

(Weekend in S. Padre, come party)
4/6: McAllen, TX
4/7: Corpus Christi, TX
4/8: Galveston, TX
4/9: Beaumont, TX
4/10: Lafayette, LA
(Weekend in New Orleans, come party!)
4/13: New Orleans, LA
4/14: Hattiesburg, MS
4/15: Mobile, AL
4/16: Pensacola, FL
4/17: Panama City, FL

Healthcare professionals can earn credit by attending! for more info check out

Hope to see you there!


Hey gang, if you are in or near MEMPHIS Tennessee (as opposed to Memphis, Iowa) make sure you come check me out at the MEMPHIS COMEDY FESTIVAL!

Full line up available here:

Preview it here:

Monday, February 2, 2015


I've been to Minnesota before, but not since 1996 so I am very excited about visiting the Land of 10,000 lakes again this March! And I'll be touring with/refining my "Humor, Laughter and Health" seminar that was very well received last summer.

I don't know many people in MN (yet) but if you know people in the area and think they might want to come see me, here's where I'll be:

3/16: Minneapolis (Brooklyn Center)
3/17: Saint Paul
3/18: Minnetonka
3/19: Makato
3/20: Eagan

Healthcare professionals can earn credit by attending! for more info check out

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

California Tour Dates: The Habits of Happy People

Well, November was supposed to be the end of my "Habits of Happy People" seminar, but it appears there are people in California who could use a little bit more, so in February I will be once again presenting seminars on this topic. This is actually a rare opportunity because for most of the cities on this list are places that I don't get to speak often. If you've ever been interested in attending one of my seminars, now is the time.

2/9: San Diego, CA
2/10: Carlsbad, CA
2/11: Laguna Hills, CA
2/12: Long Beach, CA
2/13: Santa Monica, CA

2/16: Santa Barbara, CA
2/17: San Luis Obispo, CA
2/18: Seaside, CA
2/19: Sunnyvale, CA
2/20: Palo Alto, CA

2/23: Emeryville, CA
2/24: San Rafael, CA
2/25: Santa Rosa, CA
2/26: Walnut Creek, CA
2/27: South San Francisco, CA

After February, I'll be touring other parts of the country talking about Laughter and Health.

Healthcare professionals can earn credit by attending! check out

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


From Ponce De Leon to Dr Brian King. Come out this Friday night for a special one night only appearance!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


If you know me at all, you'll know that I love boobs and the women behind them. What you may not know is that breast cancer research is a charity that I regularly donate to. So yeah, in a way I'm putting my money where my mouth would like to be.

Over the years as a stand-up comedian, I've been passing out business cards with my face on them. One night in Columbus, a few ladies stuck them in their ample cleavage and took pictures, starting a very awesome trend. My face has now been to more places than I will ever get to go. This has led to my "Human Billboads" album on Facebook. (here) and ultimately to this charitable gesture.

During the month of October, otherwise known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I will make a donation of up to $25 for every Boob pic I receive that has either my card, my face, or my name on it. The amount of donation will vary depending on the photos I receive. No real system, but I imagine that good quality high res pics will get the largest donation, grainy small cameraphone pics will probably get lower amounts. Other things will also factor in like how risque' the image is, if it makes me laugh, shape, uniqueness, etc... Whatever, every submission will inspire a donation.

How can you help? By sending pics of course!

1. If you have my card, pose it with some boobs! If you don't have my card, email me and I'll get you one ASAP. OR you can download and print your own here.

2. You can make your own, like this woman did:

3. Or write "" or "Dr Brian King" directly on them, like this!

My donations will all be made through this link.

If you'd rather just donate yourself instead of submitting pictures, you can make donations at this link too.

Photos submitted may be reposted. by submitting a photo you are giving me permission to use it as I see fit.

Finally, click here to