Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bloody Mary Censorship!

My name is Brian King. I am a public speaker and a comedian. For the past several years I have been relentlessly touring the country and started a project called "Bloody America” where I feature the many exotic, interesting, and unusual bloody marys I encounter in my travels. I am not famous, but between all of these activities I have a substantial following in social media and I regularly speak to 100-200,000 people every year.

To date, Bloody America is a hobby, it brings in no revenue although I've spent some on advertising, I offer free promotion to the venues whose drinks I feature.

Tonight I had planned to write about the Bloody Mary at “Outriggers” in Seabrook, TX. I ordered one, took pictures of it, drank it and was on my way out when the manager (I’m assuming) ran out to tell me I was not allowed to post the photos I had just taken.  I thought this was odd since I offer nothing but free publicity and that, as I write this, their Yelp page has 62 photos all taken in the restaurant, including 13 of their bloody mary. But whatever, I’m not going to argue myself into extra work. I acquiesced and then things got really weird.

She insisted that I delete the photos from my camera, in front of her so that she could see. Besides being a violation of my privacy, as I have other photos on my camera that are not of her bloody mary, I explained that I took too many to do it quickly and I’d do it when I got home. This was apparently not good enough for her and she kept demanding, threatening to call the police and take further action, whatever the hell that is, as I walked away.

So no, I am not reviewing their bloody mary. Nor am I posting the photos I took at their establishment.

Monday, March 30, 2015

GULF COAST TOUR of "Humor, Laughter and Health"

I'm really excited about this one, not only is it a fun topic but I get to tour across some of my favorite places as we semi-circle the Gulf of Mexico from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas to the Florida panhandle!

If you are in the area or know people in the area and think they might want to come see me, here's where I'll be:

(Weekend in S. Padre, come party)
4/6: McAllen, TX
4/7: Corpus Christi, TX
4/8: Galveston, TX
4/9: Beaumont, TX
4/10: Lafayette, LA
(Weekend in New Orleans, come party!)
4/13: New Orleans, LA
4/14: Hattiesburg, MS
4/15: Mobile, AL
4/16: Pensacola, FL
4/17: Panama City, FL

Healthcare professionals can earn credit by attending! for more info check out

Hope to see you there!

Inspiring Humor...

Here's a nice piece someone wrote after being inspired by my recent seminar:

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dr Brian King Returns to Florida!

Hey gang, I'm going to be doing a quick stand-up only tour (no seminars) of northern Florida this March! Please join me at the following cities / venues:

3/25/2015: Gainesville (Rockey's)
3/26/2015: Cocoa Beach, FL (Gregory's)
3/27/2015: Cocoa Beach, FL (Gregory's)
3/28/2015: St Augustine, FL (Jackie Knight's Comedy Club)

Each night I will be featuring for a terrific headliner. It's a great opportunity to see me and an awesome show!

Check with the venues for tickets/specific information. I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chapel Hill, NC TONIGHT!

CHAPEL HILL! I forgot to update my calendar to automatically post this morning but I'll be at the DSI Comedy Theater tonight! show starts at 8:30! Come see me before I leave your state for another, younger state.

Monday, March 2, 2015


Hey gang, if you are in or near MEMPHIS Tennessee (as opposed to Memphis, Iowa) make sure you come check me out at the MEMPHIS COMEDY FESTIVAL!

Full line up available here:

Preview it here:

Monday, February 2, 2015


I've been to Minnesota before, but not since 1996 so I am very excited about visiting the Land of 10,000 lakes again this March! And I'll be touring with/refining my "Humor, Laughter and Health" seminar that was very well received last summer.

I don't know many people in MN (yet) but if you know people in the area and think they might want to come see me, here's where I'll be:

3/16: Minneapolis (Brooklyn Center)
3/17: Saint Paul
3/18: Minnetonka
3/19: Makato
3/20: Eagan

Healthcare professionals can earn credit by attending! for more info check out