Saturday, August 17, 2013

Voodoo Comedy at the House Blues!

Folks, if you are in the Los Angeles area, please come out Monday to my brand new show Voodoo Comedy! It's at a great venue, at a great location, and it's FREE! All we ask is a 2-item minimum from the House of Blues menu / bar to help justify our existence.

If you can't make it, please help spread the word! Based on the success of this show, we could potentially make this a weekly gig.

Here's a preview of our awesome headliner LAURIE KILMARTIN!

Friday, August 9, 2013

On the Road: Nicci Tina!

Folks, Nicci Tina is many things, she's a drag queen, an activist, an author, a speaker, but mainly she's a 6-FOOT TALL TALKING CIGARETTE! She is also the alter-ego of Joanna Cummings, someone I was fortunate to meet on the road and now consider a friend.

And she's funny too! Check out our video together in the link below. And DON'T EFFING SMOKE!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This post is for the comedians in the Bay Area:

A lot of the newer comedians in the Bay Area probably don't know me as I've been away for a couple of years but I used to run a club in SF, which formerly housed the "Walk the Plank" comedy competition you may have seen me post about. 

A little history: 
I started the club as a means to increase stage time for local comics, and we did the first "Walk the Plank" in 2009, mainly to help keep the club alive during winter season, but it was amazingly successful and rewarding. Performers and audiences alike loved it, had a great time, and we felt as if we really helped contribute to the bay area comedy community. Two more years and 2 more contests followed, both just as magically as the first. We produced 2 CDs out of it, filmed multiple documentaries (, helped a few comedians increase their booking visibility and to this day it remains something I am really proud of. 

I don't live in SF anymore, don't have a club there, but I'd like to see Walk the Plank, as an instrument in community building continue. I've partnered with some great folks that run venues all around the bay and hopefully, if things go well it can continue as a tradition that is not dependent on a particular venue or promoter.

That depends on you, please consider signing up. thanks! The information is located at: