Saturday, July 14, 2012

On the Road with Most Wanted Fine Art!

This week on my "On the Road with Dr Brian" segment on the Edge of Insanity Show on I'll be interviewing Nina Gibbs and Jason Sauer, owners of the Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery, in Pittsburgh, PA.

Nina & Jason are heavily involved in not only the art scene in da 'Burgh, but also highly active in the greater Pittsburgh community as well. With their Garfield neighborhood performance space, they host music, poetry and other community events as well. But mostly, Most Wanted is about the visual arts and shows the work of a great collective of artists and other local, national, & international artists. Listen to the interview LIVE on 7/14/12 at, studio 1A from 4-6 PM (PST). 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

On The Road with Kitten Marie!

This Sunday on my weekly segment "On the Road with Dr Brian" I'll be interviewing the sexy and mysterioys KITTEN MARIE!

Kitten is a Go-Go dancer in the San Francisco area, and can be seen shaking it at all the major clubs. Her dance skills are insane, her costuming and make-up work are amazing and we are lucky that she has some free time to visit with me in the FCC Free studio this week.

As always, listen live at, studio 1a from 4-6 PM (PST).