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Dr Brian King as a PUBLIC SPEAKER
(compiled from social media)

Alanna E. — 5 star
"He kept my attention the ENTIRE time. I was so impressed. He was nice, funny, smart, and real."

Amanda H. — 5 star
"Dr. Brian King is a pretty cool guy and excellent speaker and comedian."

Amy A. — 5 star
"He made what could be a long day interesting and informative."

Amy O. — 5 star
"I've already let him know how he's positively affected the life of a struggling family member."

Cathy N. — 4 star
"I will definitely be looking to attend one of his future seminars and hopefully, a comedy performance."

Cathy S. — 5 star
This was actually the second seminar I attended that Dr King hosted...If you have ever attended any type of seminar or comedy performance by Dr King you know that the atmosphere will be surrounded with calmness and laughter. He has the unique ability to deliver meaningful information in a light a funny atmosphere."

Charissa S. — 5 star
"Dr Brian King delivers a refreshing conference because he makes you laugh while you learn how to deal with stress and worry. Highly recommended."

Christine K. — 5 star
"Dr. King's seminar was engaging and chalk-full of really useful information that I can apply both personally and professionally."

Dale T. — 5 star
"The presentation, brainy and funny, kept me completely engaged and I'm not someone who is easily impressed. Smart, very smart."

Diedra E. — 5 star
"There was so much information I could apply to my life immediately. I liked his humor and visual imagery to drive home the points he was making."

Dorothy E. — 5 star
"Excellent information and skills learned to improve my personal resilience to benefit my work as an RN in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. Easy to listen to, easy to laugh with, all the while learning tools of resilience."

Halsey P. — 5 star
"Best seminar I have been to. Amazing speaker, funny and helpful. Can't wait to go again!"

Jason A. — 5 star
"Brian is very intelligent and very funny, a down to earth person. I attended a seminar last year and just loved it!"

Kathy K. — 5 star
"I must say this was the most entertaining "while learning" seminars I have EVER been to."

Kay J. — 5 star
"One of the most enjoyable seminars I have attended. I read your book & really had a different perspective on managing stress!"

Kelly K. — 5 star
"Dr. King is an incredibly talented speaker. Not only did I laugh all day, I learned tools that I could use immediately both personally & professionally. In 1 week I have improved relationships, & become a better wife, mom, nurse, Yoga instructor & friend. I highly recommend this class. It will change your life."

Leah D. — 5 star
"I loved the humor you injected into your lecture and agree with you that laughter really is the best medicine."

Lindsay W. — 5 star
"What a unique combination to educate full of humor, psychology and the science behind it. Some very helpful tips I have already implemented in my own life."

Lisa S. — 5 star
This seminar is a game changer!- as in the game of life! Great confirmation of things I've known all along but couldn't articulate. Dr King was a great speaker - funny, knowledgeable, interesting."

Lynn N. — 5 star
"Dr. King uses humor to teach about happiness...and...even though I was stressed and worried this morning about where my work ID was (on my bureau at home)..LOL...I quickly was able to attend to Dr. King''s seminar with clear materials and practical applications...and I even forgot to worry!"

Manu M. — 5 star
"The best training I've ever attended. Not only informative but amazingly entertaining too."

Nanciann H. reviewed Dr Brian King — 5 star
"Brian King came into my life from a nurse friend in Philly when she sent me a text saying, "YOU HAVE TO MEET THIS AMAZING PERSON!". In the following week I received mail to go to a CEU(continuing education units) for nurses here in Ca. on HUMOR IN HEALTHCARE.Since I'm a nurse & comic too we chatted during breaks & lunch. We have so many friends in common now & I can't imagine life without meeting DR BRIAN KING! Try it,you'll like it BIG time!"

Patty F. — 5 star
"I was not expecting a conference where I was laughing and enjoying the whole day!"

Rosemarie M. — 5 star
"I attended the seminar in San Antonio this past February, it was one of the best I've ever attended, would def attend another would travel to, God bless Dr King."

Sandi R. — 5 star
This seminar is one of those that can change the way you think forever. The pace in which Brian King explains things makes it easy to grasp, and very eye opening. The handout was one of the easiest to follow along with I have ever experienced. That made it a very enjoyable class to be a part of. No panic to jot down the nuggets of the course- they could simply be circled or highlighted in the handout. I would attend a Brian King presented course again if offered in my area."

Sara F. — 4 star
"Awesome day presentations made with humor and information I could use in my personal and professional life. Will definitely attend another seminar, I have also bought his book. Love it keep up the good work Dr. King."

Sarah N. — 5 star
"Attended one of the best seminars I have been to in quite a while. Dr. King kept it light and fun while discussing resilience. A lot of good tips and presented in a fun and memorable way. I will definitely be attending any other seminars on other topics he presents and would recommend this seminar to everyone."

Sherry B. — 5 star
"I love listening to a speaker the brings out the best in people by making them laugh."

Ursula R. — 5 star
"It was one of the most practical and useful seminars I have attended."

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