Tuesday, January 20, 2015

California Tour Dates: The Habits of Happy People

Well, November was supposed to be the end of my "Habits of Happy People" seminar, but it appears there are people in California who could use a little bit more, so in February I will be once again presenting seminars on this topic. This is actually a rare opportunity because for most of the cities on this list are places that I don't get to speak often. If you've ever been interested in attending one of my seminars, now is the time.

2/9: San Diego, CA
2/10: Carlsbad, CA
2/11: Laguna Hills, CA
2/12: Long Beach, CA
2/13: Santa Monica, CA

2/16: Santa Barbara, CA
2/17: San Luis Obispo, CA
2/18: Seaside, CA
2/19: Sunnyvale, CA
2/20: Palo Alto, CA

2/23: Emeryville, CA
2/24: San Rafael, CA
2/25: Santa Rosa, CA
2/26: Walnut Creek, CA
2/27: South San Francisco, CA

After February, I'll be touring other parts of the country talking about Laughter and Health.

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