Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Become A Sponsor!

I've had 2 friends ask me to help them financially recently, and I had to decline both. I am normally a very generous person, I just don't like to share my acts of generosity on social media, but to support my statement know that in the past I have paid a couple months rent for friends in need, bought a friend a car, bought plane tickets enabling friends to travel, wired money internationally to help struggling friends, and so on.

The reason I had to say no is because of something else I haven't shared on social media: My primary source of income has dried up. The organization that has kept me on the road doing speaking gigs has cut back and I haven't really worked in over 8 months. I am trying, I am trying hard, but steady income has been missing from my life for a while. With the baby needing everything babies do, and the expenses I experienced this year due to our condo repairs, you can imagine this has been a bit stressful for the guy who (previously) made a living telling people how to manage stress. In addition to that, money we were expecting to cover the costs of our current project is not coming in.
I am sharing this because I would very much like to continue speaking and writing. It appears to be something that I am good at. And, once I have an income again, I may be able to help others as well.
If you are in a position, or know anyone who is, to hire a public speaker for an event I would love to talk to you. Please PM me and we can figure something out.
And if you enjoy the work that I do, and would like to help sponsor it, please consider contributing to our Patreon account. Patreon is a great tool for helping fans show their appreciation to artists like myself that may not be funded by other means. Every little bit helps (even $1) because the more patrons an artist has, the more likely others will be interested. So far, I have one patron, if I had more it could help increase our visibility a lot and get us closer to being able to continue working.
Thanks for reading, and to those who have asked for my help recently, I'm sorry I'm not able right now.