Sunday, February 26, 2012

On the Road with Foxy Moxy

Today on my radio segment "On the road with Dr Brian" listen to my interview with the one and only FOXY MOXY (A.K.A. Madelyn Greco) singer, burlesque dancer, and international CHAMPION bodypainter. seriously, I had no idea there was a championship for bodypainting, but yup she's the real deal. Check her work at:

"On the road with Dr Brian" airs every Sunday as part of the Edge of Insanity show on!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nothing beats a good black leather jacket...

I must have at least 5 leather jackets. I can't know for sure at the moment, because they are all in storage along with my other belongings while I'm on tour. However I can imagine at least 5.

For my 7 month long tour across the United States, I had to pack light. I picked out my favorite, most versatile jacket and said a nice "see you later" to the rest. The jacket I picked is black, and fits me perfectly.


I bought it at an outlet mall in Woodburn, Oregon just south of Portland. It was a Christmas gift to myself and we've been through a lot together. We traveled the country, shared some good times and survived some rough adventures... 

Then, 2 weeks ago on tour through Portland, Oregon (fitting, I suppose) it was STOLEN! I lost my poor jacket as part of an overnight break in to my rental car. They took some other stuff too, but unless you are my insurance adjuster that might be bordering on too much information. 

I searched for a replacement but found nothing. Well, nothing that could replace THAT jacket... that one was perfect. Finally, about 2 weeks later I found the exact same jacket at a mall in suburban Seattle. I got the last one in my size, and it fit like, well like a jacket. 

So you'd think that after parting with it for a couple of weeks I'd be a bit more protective right? Nope.

Yeah, I'm an idiot. But thanks to the great folks at Ralph's BBQ I am once again protected from the elements and more importantly I can look cool again.