Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Viral Stand Up

In March, I posted a video of a set I did at the Nutt Street Comedy Club's open mic in Wilmington, North Carolina. The video quality sucked, but it was a great short set in front of a really great audience.

Unless you are famous or there's something particularly unique about a clip (like bringing a heckler on stage) most stand-up clips don't get that many views. Hell, I can't even get my parents to watch one when they visit me and I turn it on for them. So you can imagine my surprise when, while celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Savannah, Georgia I started to notice an unusual number of views on my video. And it kept climbing! Every time I checked it seemed there were 50,000 more views! Either that, or the green beer was especially potent.

A viral video is to a comedian what an endorsement by Oprah is to a book. You can imagine my excitement when I realized, even when sober, the view count was climbing. Ultimately I broke 300,000 views which is nothing compared to your average cute cat video, but still ranks pretty high in my list of personal achievements.


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