Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bloody Mary Censorship!

My name is Brian King. I am a public speaker and a comedian. For the past several years I have been relentlessly touring the country and started a project called "Bloody America” where I feature the many exotic, interesting, and unusual bloody marys I encounter in my travels. I am not famous, but between all of these activities I have a substantial following in social media and I regularly speak to 100-200,000 people every year.

To date, Bloody America is a hobby, it brings in no revenue although I've spent some on advertising, I offer free promotion to the venues whose drinks I feature.

Tonight I had planned to write about the Bloody Mary at “Outriggers” in Seabrook, TX. I ordered one, took pictures of it, drank it and was on my way out when the manager (I’m assuming) ran out to tell me I was not allowed to post the photos I had just taken.  I thought this was odd since I offer nothing but free publicity and that, as I write this, their Yelp page has 62 photos all taken in the restaurant, including 13 of their bloody mary. But whatever, I’m not going to argue myself into extra work. I acquiesced and then things got really weird.

She insisted that I delete the photos from my camera, in front of her so that she could see. Besides being a violation of my privacy, as I have other photos on my camera that are not of her bloody mary, I explained that I took too many to do it quickly and I’d do it when I got home. This was apparently not good enough for her and she kept demanding, threatening to call the police and take further action, whatever the hell that is, as I walked away.

So no, I am not reviewing their bloody mary. Nor am I posting the photos I took at their establishment.

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